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Health Check

EPM Health Check is an EPM system audit service to accompany customers in assessing whether they are truly benefiting from their EPM investment. Poorly implemented or incompetently administered systems may require corrective interventions to adjust properly shortcomings in set-up and configuration.

IPM Consulting’s Health Check will identify problem areas within the implementation and the remedial actions ready to be applied.


The EPM Health Check offering provides a quick and simple audit of your EPM system by:
  • Getting results in compliance with your business requirements
  • Identifying user skill gaps.
  • Identifying eventual short and long term improvement areas
  • Providing instant EPM enhancements and support to administrators
  • Assisting the organisation in developing action plans to support business processes,
    knowledge sharing, and training strategies.
  • Delivering a comprehensive assessment of the current situation.


Our consultants will undertake the necessary tasks as part of the EPM Health Check offering:
  • Initial assessment and analysis of the current and eventual Business requirements
  • EPM system settings and configurations
  • User/business concerns, problems and intentions
  • EPM system user abilities training gaps
  • Immediate corrective enhancement that can be applied to the production environment
  • Collection and analysis of user concerns and requirements
  • Document and deliver an initial assessment and action plan with solutions identified
    for enhancing your EPM solution