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Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management system with integrated search functionality, enabling users to work and collaborate together thanks to a web-based workspace.

Project server creates automatically workspaces for each project, for project management collaboration and storing project artefacts such as : Risks, issues documents and change requests.


Combining SharePoint and Project Server

Project Server is built closely on top of SharePoint Server, bringing together the powerful business collaboration platform offered by SharePoint and the structured execution capabilities provided by Project Server.


The winning combination of both solutions delivers remarkable work management results including:


  • A business intelligence platform to support the creation of reports and powerful dashboards
  • The ability to control document review and approval through workflow
  • The enterprise search function making it easy to find people and effectively mine project data (resources, tasks, documents, etc.)
  • The ability to connect teams and enhance communication with wikis, blogs, discussion forums and my sites use.