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Know about us

Since its creation in 2007, IPM Consulting provides a set of solutions enabling organizations from various fields to enhance remarkably their performance in compliance with their strategic business goals, and so by integrating the most effective project management practices.

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As we are driven by innovation, Progress, and most importantly an absolute client satisfaction, at IPM Consulting we always thrive for new ways to broaden our horizons and grow our expertise.

In that sense, IPM Consulting established an enriching Gold Partnership with the giant Microsoft to deliver magnified results in terms of Project and Portfolio Management.

Why EPM Solutions?

Successful Project Management transcends deadlines and deliverables, indeed integrating the right solutions serves greatly, the profit, the stability and the growth of your organization.

Because today’s business environment is highly competitive, delivering winning projects is crucial to the company’s survival.

Discover what EPM Solutions can deliver to help you manage and gain control over your project’s outcome.